DD Bleed

In the ye olden days around the time of the first BBB (I think) dual daggers had stacking bleed. Obviously this is too strong and was nerfed really hard. Not only does it only apply to the first target hit, but it can no longer be stacked 3 times. I get why it was nerfed but I though that this mechanic was very thematic and cool for the daggers. The daggers really dont need help right now but I would like to see this mechanic added back in. So, what would be taken away from DD TO add the bleed mechanics back? The bleed as is is really not very useful as the goal is to score headshots which kill most infantry mobs in 1 hit anyways.

Just a side note, WHC’S Talent flense functions the same was as the daggers did applying a stacking bleed to every enemy hit. This obviously gets pretty nutty with some of the higher cleave weapons as the damage applied to each enemy is the same rather than decreasing per enemy like the on hit damage. Ive never even seen this talents extreme power be mentioned though.


tbh Flense probably needs a nerf

I’m fine with the idea of stacking bleeds but maybe the damage numbers need tuning, or tick rate


flense is fine. its in line with his other lvl 10 talents.

riposte grants 100% chance to crit when parrying an attack which can kill an elite in one hit.

50% headshot dmg

flense which grants something like 50% of the dmg from 1 rapier light attack from one or 2 stacks.

by choosing flense you miss out on strong headshot dmg which can kill storm vermins with probably one charged stab on cata. flense is more of a sustained dmg talent.

flense effectively doubles dps throughout a run, riposte (which isn’t going to be consistent or safe off-host) and deathknell simply do not keep up

deathknell will allow more damage on single targets assuming you land all heavy headshots but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to give up that much dps for extra damage output on targets that you’ll probably end up critting out anyway


Flense is cleave without the damage drop off. It lets WHC have decent melee bodyshot breakpoints passively, which in my opinion is not something WHC should be capable of with headshot weapons. The dps increase is higher than Deathknell.

Riposte is very gimmicky. I love it, but even I realise that it’s kind of odd with the current stagger system. A single FK can make this talent worthless, which isn’t their fault. They shouldn’t have to stop frontlining so someone can make the best use of Riposte. As a result, Riposte is limited to solo scenarios (still inferior to Flense) and the occassional mistake where you get cut-off from your team, yet like Deathknell requires more skill than Flense.


Honestly, I’d not change/remove anything from the daggers right now just to get stacking bleed back.

Might aswell buff them and remove the bleed altogether for all I care about it.

Last think the daggers need is more staggered damage.

I’d see a heavy bleed effect added to Axes though. With bigger axes dealing more bleed ^^

They don’t need it, but I though that the bleed was cool and thematic. Having it stripped away was just sad for me.

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