Day one bug: separated voice lines trigger when entering Skittergate

100% repoducible since release - heroes will comment on being alone when going through the skittergate literally 1 foot away from their comrades. And don’t tell me it’s intentional.


Yup that one is around since release.
Maybe I can listen more closely today, but I think that the heroes are actually a short moment “alone”.

The Skittergate actually does teleport them far enough away to trigger the voiceline.

So that voiceline probably triggers for the first person to enter this “warp” and for the last person who is left alone in Helmgart.
(Probably important how they are positioned REALLY as host)
The same happening on leaving the “warp” again.

So those voice lines are actually just doing their job. If not “too hard-coded” they maybe could exclude that voiceline-trigger at the Skittergate-portal.


Yes, entering the gate just quickly moves the player to a different location on the map, so technically the voice lines trigger as expected for a general case. My point is that it is not a general case, sounds kinda strained and actually stupid with all the pitch-down effects going on, and therefore warrants a special clause somewhere?

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