Darktide's website officially banned in UAE & Saudi Arabia

Darktide’s website has been officially banned by UAE and Saudi Arabia ISPs. This means the game, once released, will most likely be banned and removed from steam for these countries.

As a huge fan of Vermintide and the warhammer universe, and also as a hyped player looking forward to play Darktide, this present a predicament for me and all the players in these countries.

Why was it banned? That’s a question better asked to the ISPs (whom will never respond, and whose contact form to enquire about the reasons for a website to be banned redirects to a 404 not found). But did the website contain anything sexually suggestive? Anything that might be considered to blaspheme against Islam? Was the website hijacked and infected with malware at some point?

I cannot understand their reasoning behind this ban, and will only have to wait for a response from an email I shot a few hours ago (fat chance I get any meaningful reply).
But if there’s anything from Fatshark’s side to resolve this that can be done, please see into it.

I’ve posted on Steam and the game’s official discord regarding this issue, in hopes this issue gets attention.

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just use vpn

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My guess is the God Emperor of Mankind is what set them off, as well as the chaos gods.


That sucks, hopefully it’s just the website that is taken down for some reason.

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