Darktide Community Suggestions

Would love that too, but as far as i know they are more or less Redconned from Warhammer 40k… sadly

So no Squats “Terminators” sadly :-((



An upvote not enough emphase how much I love this idea. It would be so immersive. Or at least if not the main way make it an option.


We are coming back

Necromunda first, next Darktide

I wish there’s no more of “jump platforming” and “puzzling” to get better reward.

I really do not like those “finding books” in both V1 and V2.


Yeah love thatn in Games. Not many have this Feature. First you need to Unlock it however. But it should be its own Attachment so you can run others still. Not taking away any of the others.

ALWAYS hated that Bolters and especially Stormbolters never had their Laserpointer made. You can see it on the Weapon that they are there. Stormbolters even have two Laserpointer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Its not only looking cool and IMMERSIVE but it helps lining up shots and see where your Mates are shooting, so youdont dump all the mag into the same Enemies!

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Bookks and all are cool. There is Platforming for some of them. But i agree, one or two Puzzles would definetly be cool. Get the solution while you are being harrassed by a Horde or Boss!

Dude Trailers nowadays at least on some Games showcase a lot of Gamemechanics, so you can bet on it we see Torchlights on Weapons. Hive are pretty Dark, at least in the Underhives. And you can bet your … on it that we go really, really Deep into the Hive. Where would you hide to form a Legion of Demons and Zombies?

Somewhere Dark, wet and Cosy, perfect for Nurgles Spawn.
May they be cleansed!

I don’t think Lass weapons would has a high pierce. I think its most of “lights” are would used to burn the surface.

Actually in Lore at least oin older Books, they can Pierce Armor without a Problem. The thing is that they do such small holes into the Armor and flesh that you need to saturate the Target to make it worthwile or aim for the Head of course which is very hard at certain ranges. Lasgrifles have a Mag size of a 100 rounds or more i think. But they tend not to do that and have it about 80rounds normally. Cant remember why. Bu you can Overcharge a Battery so you have more Power aswell. Its not like a Ballistic Weapon we have, where entry and exit Woulnd differ in range as far as i know. Its the same regardless. But like i said very small. So its not worth to put a whole mag into Armor. So its better used against Infantry and not Other things.

With Pierce i ment Piercing between 2-3 enemies in one shot f they are behind each other. LIke the raged Weapons in V2. Especially on UNarmored or very lightly Armored Enemeis like Slaverats and Clanrats. Dont think Nurgle Zombies have Shields.

And Yes, the Woundcauterization is another one. Bu that is actually in favor of enemies, since they are less likely to bleed out since the wound is closed if you think about it…


No clipping or hyperstacking. It breaks immersion and is the cause of most deaths in vermintide 2. Rather than hordes of hyperstacked, spammable enemies that have 1 or 2 moves. Give us smaller bands of intelligent AI with varied movesets and weaponry (not 1 chaos warrior variant but 5, enemies that can doge and block as well as do a light or charged attack). And elimintae THP - it’s only needed in VT2 to compensate for getting unfairly hit by hyperstacked hordes. Really, give us a real challenge not the LMB-spammable garbage that is VT2.


How much do we know about what the actual game will be like? I’m not sure what to suggest since I can’t find much confirmed info on this game beyond the announcement trailer.

Warhammer Community article

I think that’s it so far

Hmm…so yeah we really don’t seem to know much, do we?

On the Steam page there are few other info (Name of the planet/Hive and the cult that we will fight)

In the depths of the hive, the seeds of corruption threaten an overwhelming tide of darkness. A heretical cult known as the Admonition seeks to seize control of the planet Atoma Prime and lay waste to its inhabitants. It is up to you and your allies in the Inquisition to root out the enemy before the city succumbs to Chaos.

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Sorry if this is a bit of a faux pas, but is it normal to know so little about a game a year before its release? I know COVID is affecting things so I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but this does make me a bit cautious.

I’m just a desperate for a good 40k game and want this to succeed.


hats/skins for people who own verminitde (1&2)


I would suggest, as I have in another thread, that this is changed from being a single cult to being an alliance of cults and warbands in the vein of the 40k RPG “Black Crusade” as that will allow Fatshark to expand with new factions and enemies units in the future.

But Fatshark likely have a better idea about how this is to come about then me. But I will air this suggestion regardless.


XP needs to be converted to additionl emperors gifts, ordo dockets, plasteel, Diamantium, Blessings, curios, weapons, a chance to unlock a locked perk or blessing, unlock new specials or a prestige system. Once you reach level 30 there is currently zero use for XP, after you reach level 30 people are only going to rinse and repeat trying to get god rolled weapons and curios for so long before they stop playing all together because there is nothing else to do with a character once you reach level 30 except run the same levels where the only reward is some ordo dockets, plasteel, diamantium, and an emperors gift. don’t get me wrong the game is really fun, but i’ve got all of 65 hours of play in, I’ve leveled two operators to 30, and have already god rolled both weapons for each and all three of my curios, the only thing I really have left at this point aside from the two other operators, is a few penances that need to be finished. Great game but it doesn’t take long for it to go stale in the way of things to do, I’m hoping that having five operator slots means there is a fifth operator that is going to come into play, the only other thing I could think of is if you made some PVP missions that pit two teams against each other in an attack and defend mission or time trials with a leaderboard, and some sort of unique rewards like exclusive cosmetics, exclusive weapons, exclusive curios. Hell even adding a leaderboard that counts the XP overage would give people something else to grind towards.

Why the Necro ? Why not make a new thread ?

No Pvp, we don’t need that