Darktide and Genshin Impact both employ "predatory practices" and RNG

Yet Genshin Impact was a big hit in the first year and is now essentially a money printer for Mihoyo who has used the money to claw back from the brink of failure and expand into making two new games while still pouring enormous resources into Genshin, while even updating their older game, Honkai Impact, with lots of love that the company couldnt afford before. Also the commumity is constantly engaging in events and friendly competitions.
Meanwhile Darktide’s entire community seems to revolve around doomsday rhetoric.
Whats the explanation for this? What did Mihoyo do differently from Fatshark that made such a difference?

Oh, another “great” comparison…
Why, let me sing my song too!
Darktide was supposed to be the Witcher of the Warhammer world and the Tide series!


yeah, why not?

Genshin released new content constantly.
Darktide is 3 months in and outside of the second Throneside map and two new weapons, they haven’t released anything new, or even hinted at anything new coming. They haven’t fixed bugs, performance, balance. They haven’t even managed to get the crafting system out yet, in three months.

That’s the difference. Oh and Genshin being free might also have something to do with it.


Probably because one is mobile game, where you can literally play anywhere and cross platform that is. While in the darktide you can only play on PC, While you still can check the weapon shop using the web browser extension, you cannot buy it from there. You have to access your pc to buy it.
If FS still committed on using RNG, at least, go easy on us, provide us with mobile application where we can check and buy from the hourly shop using our phones.
cough warframe mobile apps cough


its highly complex topic involving a myriad of factors beyond of the things you listed,

but trying to break it down
genshin impact is a so called Gacha game (or a fusion there of) a extremely widespread and popular monetization system in Asia, it basically works similar to booster of (insert) any card game,

where you have a myriad of collectible’s in different rarities to collect with the highest rarity usually being quite rare (so rare that most players ever will aquire a full set of them).
and that’s where the main attraction lies collecting,… less so gaming.

so why did genshin become popular around the globe?
because there is an actual good game behind it. (apparently)
and marketing. it was marketed extremely well and widespread.

so whats the difference to dartide?
expectations, genshin as a Gacha game and a free to play game doesn’t need to hide the shady monetization because its what people would expect from a gacha game in the first place.

add to that people are generally more willing to overlook predatory practices in free to play games in general.
that would of course also apply to genshin if it has any.

opposed to darktide that literally marketed the experience with sentences like
“your in full control to customize your characters weapon stats/attachments to your liking”

wich is simply a lie as it stands
so they literally contradicted the expectations they themself created. and didn’t bother to clear things up beforehand.

add to that the fact that its a coop horde game where none of these practices are known for or in any form widespread quite the contrary, most coop games are incredibly pro consumer

so they went a different path to the norm without clearifing up their intentions at all.

imagine it like this:
you go into a casino, you know what your getting into, and expect to loose money. but you are prepared.

while darktide feels like your going into an restaurant,
paying before seating quite strange(?),
getting charged for a random meal, and getting served a different meal anyway.

that would defy anything you know of restaurants, that’s simply not supposed how it should work.

so tl:dr
genshin is successful where darktide is not,
because expectations


Bro are you even serious? Its like asking: guys why a chess game is less sucсessful than Call of Duty?
Genre, monetisation model, budget, target audience, marketing - like everything.
And btw if you consider DT uses predatory tactics, well i have news - GI blows it out of water in every aspect.
Their president literally admits that they made a game that should appeal to young man who are afraid to approach real women that offers them the substitute to real relations by allowing to spend dozens of thousand of $ to get anime waifus.
Mtashed has a good vid on this Is Genshin Impact RUINING Your Life!? - YouTube

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I mean two big points are price point and amount of content.

Even then it’s very much comparing apples to oranges because the expectations for each game are vastly different. One is a free game where the whole point is collecting and the other is supposed to be a grim dark 40k Left 4 Dead.

I think the restaurant analogy above sums it up but a lot of frustration comes from the fact that a lot of system existed in VT2 that were just better than their DT counterparts (cough Sour Milk’s shop vs the VT bounty system cough).

If you look purely at their RNG design at least Genshin has pity/bad luck protection/targeted aiming systems. It’s more likely that one can get a 5* that they want in Genshin than getting the weapon/curio that they want with DT’s system.

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It is a troll

Why couldn’t fatshark be honest then? Did they think they would make more money by lying?

The game appeals to girls as well, and there are tons of parents who let their kids play. You may as well accuse Disneyland of the same thing because space mountain is vaguely masculine or because Ariel is a sexy redhead or something.
But as far as both games having predatory tactics in general, I already mentioned as such in the thread title. The point was to figure out why genshin makes it work while darktide doesnt.

Sry, no more food for you.

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that doesn’t make any sense

They likely had that system in place, but it got changed for whatever reason. They just didn’t tell us they changed it until the last possible moment, so a lie by omission.

Genshin has rng microtransaction so it is a lot worse lol.

Simple: lots of content, different demographics that are cool with gacha mechanics, and waifus.

And yet genshin has a far more positive community in spite of that.

makes sense.

Genshin impact is way more insidious. It ties your game progress in great deal to the shop.
Nothing says “P2W” like getting your talent points for your talent tree only by drawing the character you use a 2nd time.

It’s practically impossible in that game to max out all the 6 or so talents for a rare character. You’d have to get that 0.2 or so drop chance… not once, but over and over again.

Just goes to show how far the brainrot of the general population has advanced. Nurgle would be proud.
I’d make a comment about recent happenings and people’s choices regarding them here, but politics usually don’t go over well in discussions. Haha.

Point is: Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s good or worthy of endorsement.