Damnation Multi Mission idea

since their are usually several missions that seem to use the same base but with areas walled off or opened up why not make a multi mission for those of us who would like more of a challenge.

such as combine
Chasm Logistratum & Chasm Station.
your mission here is to get in assassinate the commander and find the weapons cache then extract.
so for this you can ether:

  1. go do the ammo portion of the level first, then the assassination
    (which will end the mission with the cut-scene you looting the assassination target)
  2. assassinate him, then move on to find and retrieve the ammo
    (which will end the mission with the cut-scene you and your team get on the jet)

you could add in banter depending on which you do first, such as:

  1. Zola “great now with heretic commanders supplies gone we are getting calls hes on his way, head to redirect the train at the auto scheduler”
  2. Zola “good now that the heretic commanders is taken out, his troops should be in disarray, use this distraction, and head to get the supplies from the dock”

this longer 45-55 minute mission would be high risk high reward. offering the harder more complex mission some of us are asking for, as well as letting us push for more in our games.

Thoughts, Comments, Concerns?


Love it, should probably give better than the base “fail” rewards if you completed the first part. Otherwise longer missions seem like a fun alternate thing.

Maybe triple rewards on full completion?