Damage increase to Poxwalkers/Groaners is wrong

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Issue Description:
I have a shield on Ogryn that does 6% damage increase to Poxwalkers/Groaners and was doing some testing in the Meat Grinder. I have a few different shields with similar stats and started hitting them to test numbers and compared. My non Poxwalkers/Groaners damage weapon was doing 106 damage with the first hit of the combo. My 6% Poxwalkers/Groaners weapon was doing 155 damage with the first hit of the combo. This is an increase of 46% and not 6% like it should be.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Get weapon with increased damage to Poxwalkers/Groaners
  2. Hit them in training room.
  3. Equip weapon of similar stats without Poxwalkers/Groaners damage increase
  4. Hit them again and compare damage.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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