Daily Rewards Glitch and Athel Yenlui Softlock

When claiming the Daily Rewards in the hub, if you are on the screen when the timer counts down, you can quickly claim the reward (which gives you the one before it). Then if you close the screen you can quickly open it again for the current day’s reward. So, for example, if you do this on day 1 after having done day 8 the day before, it is possibly to claim day 8’s prize again in addition to day 1’s.

For the Athel Yenlui softlock, it is possible to get oneself stuck between a hillside and a fallen obelisk near the middle of the map. The little hill has an ammo crate on it and a diagonal-leaning obelisk right next to it. If you fall into it just right you cannot move and have to wait to be killed by enemies or quit.

I can confirm that #1 is happening. However, if I have observed correctly, the total amount of shillings does not change, and therefore, you do not actually receive yesterday’s reward twice.

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