CW's upper cuts ignore IB's Gromril Armour

As far as I can tell, the upper cut of CWs is the only attack that bypasses Gromril Armour everytime. Shouldn’t be that way obviously. Happens on live version, too.


You are right! I sometimes take a hit and think “Huh, thought my Gromril was up, guess not…”, and this might be why.

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The CW’s uppercut also bypasses Unchained’s safety net and causes her to blow up.


I believe the reason is that CW’s uppercut attack deals damage twice at the same time, so the first attack removes Gromril and the second one deals damage. I think this was reported a long while ago.


Whether it’s a bug or not, I kinda’ like it. Their uppercut gives more stagger resistance than even their overhead, and this gimmick on an enemy is like the ultimate “Get your defensive garbage outta’ my face” counter move.

It’s not telegraphed in any way and is a bug, but I wouldn’t be against it if it was properly conveyed or at least had a tooltip on a loading screen, and they’d only use it if you’re constantly in their face or stunlock them.

“Don’t fool around Chaos Warriors mindlessly or he’ll cleave yo’ arse”.

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