Current Deed system makes players selfish including me

these days i am running for 500 deed frames
more and more i play, i found players try to not use their deeds
of course, i put my deed also but deed is super rare and is easily gone if i use mine too much
i now start to get group with using deed in order
even then, some ppl leave when their turn comes with some excuse like have launch or gonna rest

In data mining, deed drop rate is 4.5~5% on legend emperor vault
i now have 400+red, all helms for kruber, elf and saltz
all 5 heroes are +250 but deed?
i now have only 40~50
isn’t too rare to use it for one time?
what do you think?
i think deed should be free for everyone
let host pick deed modifier free when they want to do it

I don’t know why that kind of attitude exists, as the Deed only gets spent when you actually complete it. If you fail, it stays there to try again. There’s no risk to lose the Deed without getting its rewards, and you can’t get the rewards without using it.

They are too rare, though, and for most people finding groups to do them with is a chore. There have been a couple of threads about those points before, though (with one active atm) and I’ve typed more there.


deed is not hard as you think
only hard deed is back to basic and rest of them are not that hard
i dont know where you live but in my region, this game is pretty dead and getting ppl is most hard part of this game

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