Curios with +X% Experience gain always give 30%

Issue Description: Curios with Experience +X%, Finish map, get +15 or +30?

Steps to Reproduce:
Eqiup Curios, finish mission see experience gain of 30%, regardless of % on curios will gain a flat 30% additional XP
Two curios of +2 and +4% will result in 60% exp gain!

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Screenshot of +6% player getting +60% exp (+2% & +4% curios) and unequipped curios player from one mission

Screenshot of another 15% gain (+2% curios)

And another 15% (+2% curios)

This bug still exists after the newest patch today but instead of a flat 30% increased exp per curio it is a flat 15% increased exp per curio.