CTD without being able to send a ticket directly

Pretty regular situation, gate terror event in Blood in the darkness, during first wave. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as i can tell, no ults being used, was on GK though.

crash_dump-2020-06-25-06.47.36-92db6ce7-fba6-400f-915d-931d2142c1f6.dmp (551.0 KB)

Edit: Happened again, this time with info:
Was right at the time someone joining should’ve switched out the bot.

GUID: 0c1bc455-abb1-41f6-890d-a44ed563b4d6
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/backend/statistics_database.lua:179: Failed to pack parameter 4 (-1) as integer [0…65535]

Edit 2: And again, this time once more without being able to send a ticket…

crash_dump-2020-06-27-09.11.01-ed2751db-cff5-4be5-956c-804eb300ac2d.dmp (550.0 KB)

Thank you JayJay, I’ve raised this with development.

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