CTD | Cata Twitch Cw

GUID: 6323ec0c-ba5f-4d71-89aa-7fc8dccce578
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/network/network_transmit.lua:283: Failed to pack parameter 2 (11.128834724426) as float x in Vector3 [-10…10]

Not sure What spawned this but details on what happened:

Twitch mode

Rat ogre spawned from Chest of Trials
Rat Ogre had Illusionist
Once Rat Ogre used its illusion, the game CTD.

Nothing else was going in with the game.

Console Logs:
console-2022-05-30-01.57.25-87f8decd-cbc9-4d46-9eb0-b0935f64fb67.log (7.1 MB)

Thanks for reporting and for the extra information. I’ve added this to our database for investigation.

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