CTD after equipping coghammer at cauldron

I recently picked up Vermintide 2 via steam, bought the “Outcast Engineer” (without cosmetic upgrade) and the “Winds of Magic”-DLC. I have never installed any mods on Vermintide 2.

1.Steps to reproduce the issue:
After the first DLC-Mission “Dark Omens” you unlock the Cauldron at the fort where you upgrade and change weapons, skills and stuff. By default the melee-weapon for the “Outcast Engineer” is the heavy hammer. When I change to the Coghammer (first crash was after creating the coghammer) the game crashes to desktop after 1-3 seconds.

2.How consistently the issue occurs for you:
Every time. Other weapons do not cause CTD. The crash-report appeared only two times out of around 8 crashes.

3.Screenshots and/or video evidence
None, since I don’t think it’s necessary.

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