Crown of Purity cosmetic doesn't overwrite head tattoos from previously equipped cosmetics (please keep this!)

Not sure if intended but the charity cosmetic doesn’t remove the head tattoos from previously equipped cosmetics. It’s just worn ‘on top’ of the last equipped cosmetic.

Please let that one be if it’s unintended as it makes for some cool combos.


Can you Pigmar of Purity ?

I don’t own the pig but I think you can’t. The nails of the Nails of Judgement cosmetic get removed for instance, only tattoos stay.

I’d be surprised if this stays ingame or after a restart / exit to main menu. Does it? If so, you should not have reported this :wink:

Just tested it: It doesn’t keep ‘stacked’ cosmetics when starting a game. BUT it always picks the default cosmetic (Flagellant’s Brand) as background instead. So there’s that!

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I won’t tell if you won’t.




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