Crosshair Bobbing

Some of the characters have odd bobbing/shaking when they use their weapons or skills and it seems unintended and causes awkward misses with limited ammo and long cooldowns.

So far the classes I’ve noticed it with:

Markus - Huntsman - When you use your Career Skill he crouches down, and when aiming with a bow and activating it’s very awkward attempting to make an ambush attack especially when aiming for the head.

Victor - with Rapier or Bounty Hunter Career Skill - When Victor pulls out his sidearm it causes odd camera/crosshair movement.

Sienna - Staff Left Click - When firing off a shot the crosshair dips a little bit as the projectile leaves.

These are the only ones I’ve encountered. They can be worked around, but feel like an unnecessary challenge when lining up head shots.

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