Critical Fashion Fail

Wastes is love,
I grind to have skins
Boom crash

<>scripts/helpers/cosmetic_utils.lua:152: attempt to index local ‘profile’ (a nil value)<</Script Error>>

console-2021-11-04-19.49.36-72101dfd-2b69-4121-bb32-1f29d2331f29.log (3.7 MB)
crash_dump-2021-11-04-19.49.36-72101dfd-2b69-4121-bb32-1f29d2331f29.dmp (1.5 MB)

Sorry about that - is this something you’re experiencing consistently?

I’ll add this to our database and we’ll investigate!

It is not that consistent, I guess something extraordinary happened, however it is a new type of crash that I’ve not seen. I simply report new unfamiliar crashes your way for you :slight_smile:

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