Crashing when queing for a deed

2 CTDs when queuing for a deed. (403.6 KB) (116.6 KB)

Edit: make that 3 CTDs, another back to back right after this submiting this. GUID: b0ba1d43-f513-48ef-949d-0260705b92ec
Log File:
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[Script Error]: scripts/ui/views/ingame_player_list_ui_v2.lua:219: attempt to index local ‘mutator_settings’ (a boolean value) (62.4 KB)

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experienced the same earlier this day. got into a lobby and decided to choose a deed. instant crash to desktop

In my group’s experience it happens when someone opens the player list, Tab by default. Anyone who does will immediately crash. If it is the host the lobbly crashes and if it’s the deed owner it behaves strangely. Once in the game, you can look at it without a problem but not while the bubble is open in the keep.

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That makes sense. I see the lua error report. The script is for viewing the player list. When you look at the player list on some (if not all) deeds the information about the deed does not show up. There is an interface issue in the upper-righthand corner for information about the deed; doesn’t seem to work.

Looks like the script “ingame_player_list_ui_v2.lua” had an error on line 219 in method called, “mutator_settings”. I believe this happened because when the UI was loaded, it didn’t return a value, but the program expected a value.

If I had to guess, someone changed a variable to true/false. The script has to refer to the BoolValue, not the boolean.

Yes. Once in game you can look at the player list without crashing. In my group of 4, two of us could see the mutators listed on the right-hand side and two of us could not. I do not know what the difference was.

This is the same bug as the one reported here:

Pressing tab to view the player list while a deed is active will crash the game, even if you’re still in the keep.

Yes, that’s what happened to me. None of the crashes occurred in-game.

We’re on it - apologies for the inconvenience.

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