Crashing After Load: Post Skill Tree Patch

Issue Description:
I’ve played this game for quite a few hours without any crashing issues. I’ve have all 4 classes to lvl 30, and I don’t think I’ve EVER had the game crash on me. Now, after the new patch with the skill trees, the game will crash to desktop every time I move towards Sire Melk or the cross-hallway that he resides in. It seems that this crash is related to the new cutscenes that are trying to trigger and play.

Edit: I’ve updated all of my drivers and verified the integrity of the files on steam, and the issue still persists.

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
No error message. I’ve sent all possible crash reports. See crash report reference below.

Steps to Reproduce:
Load the game, and move forwards towards Sire Melk to trigger a cutscene. I can stand still in-game as long as I’d like, check my inventory, spend skill points, etc., but once I move forward, I’ll get an instant CTD where I never have before the patch.

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Constant (100%)

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Crash Dump Reference → console-2023-10-06-00.57.39-97f2f856-c6e2-4750-823d-1847819ec8d5

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Please copy and paste the crash report here or upload the entirety of the console log. Thank you!

I hope this helps. Thanks.

crash_dump-2023-10-06-00.57.39-97f2f856-c6e2-4750-823d-1847819ec8d5.dmp (924.0 KB)
console-2023-10-06-00.57.39-97f2f856-c6e2-4750-823d-1847819ec8d5.log (78.5 KB)

This is unfortunately a nondescript GPU-related crash. There might be some alternate solutions in the link below that can help:

Due to the vagueness of the error, we are in the dark with this otherwise. I understand this is disappointing and I’m happy to assist with a refund.

All I can say is that I’m not having any issues with crashing in other games. I didn’t even crash BEFORE in Darktide, until the newest patch. I’m really bummed out, because I love this game, but it is unplayable now for me.


I’ve fixed this issue by disable Ray Tracing and DLSS just to watch the cutscenes. I then re-enabled those settings and the game is now working fine as it did before the skill-tree patch. The issue was definitely with the new cutscenes that got added. Maybe this info will help others with a similar crash.