Crashes to report part(lost count)

1.Had two players join with a ping in the high 200’s, and soon there after, got this crash
GUID: eba6bc68-68c4-4e37-9982-7e4619a7fbab
[Script Error]: …_extensions/default_player_unit/buffs/buff_templates.lua:3228: attempt to get length of local ‘server_buff_ids’ (a nil value)
[Crash Link]:
2. Was playing as Zealot in the keep, had a friend message me and BOOM crash with this report.
GUID: 9bc87da9-0832-4728-907f-39f50f9c9286
[Crash Link]:
3. Ever since the Grudge Marks update, everytime someone would join my game, there becomes an intense lag almost to the point of disconnecting, and say in a lobby of 3/4 and the last person tries to join, it’ll disconnect them and replace them with bots. The only workaround i’ve found is private lobbies with friends.
4. As well as with the Grudge Marks update, the audio is starting to get severly delayed to the point where the game will freeze just for audio/subtitles to catch up. Most of the time that results in a crash with no report.

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Thank you for your detailed report!

To be resolved in our next patch. :slight_smile:

Not quite sure what happened here, we’ll need to look in to it.

This is an issue we are aware of but, unfortunately, have never been able to replicate on our end. The same issue can happen with Push-to-Talk. Some players have identified that their Oculus or certain microphones have caused this issue. Have you added anything new to your set-up that coincides with the Grudge Marks update?

By chance, does this also occur when somebody is connecting to or leaves the lobby, or uses Push-to-Talk?

I have my discord closed, my mic is on mute, and the players i play with don’t ever communicate verbally. It does seem to happen either a few minutes past spawning, or with a decent enough lag spike, audio from the start will overlap audio from the current situation whatever it may be.

Disabled the Penlight mod, and i haven’t had any setup changes within the last year.

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