Crashes "Disabled Screens" - can't play (now)

I’m playing on day 17th, I was playing “good” but 2 days ago I was having crashes on my PC
-RTX 3080
-32GB ram
And it is the worst day after day.

The crashes are:
When I was playing the game crashed and the screens were disabled, and I need to restart manually.
But now I can’t enter the lobby, now this happens in the selection of characters.

I did the fixes of FatShark recommends:

But I think now it’s working worst…

Do any people happen the same?
Do any people know how to fix it?

Does your PC still crash at this point, or are you kicked back to your desktop?

I think my PC it’s running, but my screens are off, and can’t watch anything, need to press the reset button.

I had around 80h played, And this issue happens constantly now