Crash when changing Physics Debris settings

Changed Physics Debris to Off, engine said it would need to restart, click “Restart Now”

[Engine Error]: Unloading a locked resource #ID[1b133dc2], lock count: 27, was cleared: false. Make sure you destroy all resources pointing to the package before unloading it.At `D:\agent-work\data-dir\engine_release_bogenhafen_08_14\runtime\foundation\resource\resource_manager.cpp:871` in function `stingray::ResourceManager::ensure_unlocked`


console-2018-08-28-15.34.12-A1013574-0537-4F06-B642-C0A5.log (194.0 KB)

crash_dump-2018-08-28-15.34.12-A1013574-0537-4F06-B642-C0A5.dmp (471.2 KB)

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Thanks Krindi! Noted and raised with development.

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