Crash to Desktop on Entering Keep or Expedition Basement

My friend is getting a crash whenever he boots up into the keep or into the expedition.

Windows 10
Intel i7-9700K
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
16 GB Ram

He’s done all the things in this article to no avail - [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

EDIT: He’s switched from DX11 to DX12 and it appears to be working for now… Not sure if that makes any sense with what’s in the crash log (or if it just failed to occur again)

console-2021-04-24-00.24.58-49c4a89c-e7e9-4901-a71b-b6eb3ca15a9e.log (55.2 KB)

There appears to be a GPU-related error in the log so this does indeed make sense! I recommend he continues to play using DirectX 12 for now.

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