Crash to desktop Missing game session host<</Lua Error>>

Crashed to desktop when round ended. Logs attached. No error presented.crash_dump-2021-01-05-21.57.20-f6cf79b5-4fe5-426b-abe4-ec8d4db3e9e3.dmp (782.0 KB) crash_dump-2021-01-05-21.57.20-f6cf79b5-4fe5-426b-abe4-ec8d4db3e9e3.dmp (782.0 KB)console-2021-01-05-21.57.20-f6cf79b5-4fe5-426b-abe4-ec8d4db3e9e3.log (2.5 MB)

Thank you for letting us know - we’ll check it out. Does this occur regularly for you?

No, first time happened yesterday. New crash to me. It happened just after scoreboard when you would expect the keep loading screen.

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