Crash to desktop - Chaos Wastes City of Marawhatsits


just crashed without warning or popup straight to desktop. We weren’t far into the map, just ascended the first time next to a tower. I’ve just given a health potion to our IB after he went down. He replied with “Thank you!” then the game crashed.

console-2021-04-26-13.15.59-3d66fe06-9cf0-4a06-881c-5314b0477768.log (1.9 MB)
crash_dump-2021-04-26-13.15.59-3d66fe06-9cf0-4a06-881c-5314b0477768.dmp (640.9 KB)

As a general question:
If I get more crashes do you prefer a new topic for each of them or should I make one topic named “RedBeardedGiant’s crash collection” and just add to it?

Have a nice week!

This will be patched very soon! :slight_smile:

Happy for you to add your crashes to the same post. It’s when others start chiming in with their usually unrelated crashes – that’s when it becomes messy. :smiley:

(So if anybody else is reading this, please don’t reply here and instead create your own post)

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