Crash to desktop after a few minutes

Usually within the first five minutes of entering a mission I CTD

I keep getting an Archive not utf-8 encoded error and cant find a thing about it.

GUID: d298349e-cc4d-4f84-8a06-9d8b06de7b2e
Log File:
Info Type:

[Engine Error]: Archive not utf-8 encoded ?Y?(??D?E?J?[_?g????t?@a.??F-??*e???T????I^??4x?1)???AM????~??eE{{?U?y?gz?f?E?:???1f?[?3?"4?&?1???[)???X??T?w?A??D???b+?}k)??3??s???uqs4?%???n}???d???r?]??O??]?B???fc:R<M2??Z?;?s???3I?@Za?AeXC-{?Zv
???Zjx???/?E??gZhZ??4"8?w;??F???f??4?V0?O?G7??????,~?f??U??s<???2?/?}%??{?y?k?2??}??$?W?v????2?r?ii6?-^???Fsi?1%??\?;??ml(??U??p?Z?unJ?%????a?e???????%m??+??26????B?9D7???9????] T???O?u5?t^???1?!mq ?At d:\agent-work\data-dir\engine_release_bogenhafen_08_14\runtime\foundation\utility\encoding.inl:60 in function stingray::encoding::utf8_decode

If I’m entirely honest, I’ve never seen this particular crash before! I’ve queried this with development but due to the weekend there may be a delay in response, apologies.

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