Crash Report (Title has already been used)

Crashed during a regular legend QP game on Skittergate

console-2020-10-29-19.06.20-17fd000c-7329-4f76-afcd-53a7ed604803.log (3.3 MB)
crash_dump-2020-10-29-19.06.20-17fd000c-7329-4f76-afcd-53a7ed604803.dmp (860.4 KB)

Btw not being able to post because the title already was previously used is dumb

Oh and after crashing the game it never brings up the crash report thingy.

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This is GPU-related. If this becomes a recurrent issue you may wish to look through this article:

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Update: Switched to DirectX12 after this thread and haven’t gotten this crash since, thanks for the help.

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