Crash help

I’m not sure why the game keeps crashing randomly. Please help decipher this crashlog

crash_dump-2020-06-06-00.49.50-f649c719-ded0-48ca-9453-53a76e0e792c.dmp (580.2 KB)

Seems to be crashing from some third party thing that is being loaded by the game. RTSSHooks64.dll.
Quick google reveals that it’s something called Riva Tuner Statistics Server. It seems to be some ancient application with last stable release 2009. Try to uninstall that and try again :slight_smile:


RTSS is a modern application. It is still being actively developed. It’s most commonly used for hardware/performance monitoring overlays in conjuction with MSI Afterburner when doing things like GPU overclocking.

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