Crash/Bugs part: not much

  1. Got this crash. Scenario: Playing as Zealot Dual hammers, someone was joining as i was swinging and boom:GUID: 21a7d83b-4af0-46e4-83f8-d9c6366c9eb9
    [Script Error]: …extensions/generic/generic_husk_interactor_extension.lua:159: bad argument #7 to ‘rpc_sync_interaction_state’ (number expected, got nil)

  1. Playing as RV, used my ult, against a chaos spawn. Me and an Elf were trying to kite it, so i went out of the smoke screen and as soon as i did, the Chaos Spawn knocked me to the edge of the ult circle and it put me in perm invis. So basically RV can still go invis permanetly.

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