Crash after Completing Chaos Wastes Map

I’d like toreport about a crash that happened to me today after completing Chaos Wastes map.
Map name was the Foetid Gorge, and it had curse f the malevolent spirit.
There were no premises of a crash, game just closed itself and called crushify uploader.
Here are the console logs and crash dump:
console-2021-07-10-14.14.26-7be7c695-5ce1-4b1e-ac3a-8bc3bc460751.log (2.3 MB)
crash_dump-2021-07-10-14.14.26-7be7c695-5ce1-4b1e-ac3a-8bc3bc460751.dmp (718.8 KB)

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Thank you @Romucha, I’ve added this to our database for investigation!

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