Crafting's fair takes time! Too much time!WAY too much time

I just spent 20 minutes on tedious clicking. Hold LMB,click rmb,hold LMB ad infinitum.

I was re-rolling stats on a necklace and a trinket, I used around 200 crafting materials. It takes 6 seconds to roll + forge closing and opening to reveal the item + put item back in crafting window.

I get that the forge closing is supposed to be climactic,that the roll is supposed to be a big reveal…but the stat’s aren’t THAT interesting to gasp at them being perfect/near-perfect when you roll them and it literally,took me 20 minutes of real time to roll what I wanted.

It’s not fun. It’s boring and time wasting. If I want to spend 20 minutes crafting a single item I play Path of Exile. In VT2 I want to shed blood and see limbs fly,not stand in one place like a dumbass for 20 minutes and click buttons in a UI window.

I’d like the game to have an option for “instant crafting”.


I really wish, if nothing else, that the crafting section for rerolling the properties of weapons were instantaneous.

It is incredibly annoying shifting through like 50 attempts at getting a great combination of stats on things like a single charm or trinket to get that glorious Curse Resistance, or to re-roll the stats on a weapon to something it actually utilizes (crit for crit things, blocking / stamina for more defensive things, etc…)

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Yeah, I agree. I understand that initially the game seems immersive, but after playing the heck out of it, waiting on those crafting animations gets really old really fast. They made an option to skip the beginning cutscene, why not do the same for the crafting animations?

My peeve about the crafting system is quite close. I understand having to hold the craft button to avoid mistakes, but I think the time required, in the long run, is too much. Cut a third ar a half and it will still prevent the worst mistakes. Bigger issue for me, though, is that when I start rerolling properties, I have to recheck and reselect the item every time. It’s very rare to get the stats you want on the first try, and moving the cursor, checking new stats, doubleclicking again and moving the cursor back every time is not only time-consuming, it’s annoying. Having to do it for 20 times in a row gets tedious.

There are other things to tweak in the crafting system, but these at least are relevant to this topic (and not much griped about elsewhere).


I don’t mind so much the time, more that I have to HOLD THE BLOODY BUTTON for the duration

terrible design, presumably because some server connection idiocy

I doubt it has anything to do with server connections, but more with preventing user mistakes. In VT1 occasionally myself or someone else noticed too late that they salvaged a valuable weapon, or chose the wrong properties. By having to essentially confirm your choice by holding the button, you get time to notice your impending mistake and an easy way to prevent it. As I said, though, the time may be somewhat too much in the long run. An option might ease it a bit, but with all the options that have been requested, the menu might get a bit cluttered.

Just add “skip crafting animations” or “quick crafting” or something along those lines in game options menu(not inventory/crafting menu) and problem solved.

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