Crafting will never change, the RNG helps longevity for the MTX

Title says it all. There are data to suggest that RNG mechanics helps players stay, which in turn helps increase cosmetic sales.

My post is not a defense of this business model/crafting system.

The data we have collected says it has made 450 people (that have bothered to say so on these forums) quit the game.



The data is incomplete by the fact that they have never tried the alternative, to see that it would likely increase player retention even further.

The only thing to go off of was the Vermintide 2 player count, which has a more friendly crafting system and before the recent class overhaul in darktide, the average steam player count was higher in Vermintide 2 than in darktide, on a game thats 4-5 years older.
Give Darktide 4 to 5 years without changing the crafting and it will likely be in a far worse state than Vermintide 2 is in

Pictures from similar time frames


Within the year if they do nothing they will be back down to like 2k peak player count like it was before patch 13


Just add an option to reset an orange to profane.

Hadron will charge a decent sum, but will allow people to keep rerolling god rolled 380s.


I like your creativity.
The “if they like RNG so much, let’s just suggest more RNG to combat the RNG!” approach. You’ll go places. I approve. :+1:

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Yes, becasue since before Patch 13 (which improved gameplay/talents etc. so everything that actually matters) they totally didn’t struggle to keep even 1,5k-2K players on average in last 11 months /s.

Only becasue of GAMEPLAY OVERHAUL and GAMEPLAY IMPROVEMENT the player numbers increased to 16k in October. So there is ZERO data that suggest that RNG helped players stay. However there is 100% proven data that GAMEPLAY improvement and QOL improvement helped playerbase grow and stay. For now.

Compare that to DRG which has steady 10-20k players on average without any RNG (apart from overclocks hunt but that’s like 100x easier and more fun than getting single TIV Blessing in DT) and people buy their MTXs to support company. Or many other co-op games that don’t have RNG that for years have higher player count than Darktide ever had. Becasue it’s gameplay that keeps players. And if people are here for gameplay - they will support company. Fatshark management is just too stupid to understand that.

That 16K players will however melt down in next few months because once new players will level up characters and engage in crafting “end game” they will burn out on RNG really fast because hitting that RNG crafting wall is really really fun breaking.


Absolutely it’s built for longevity, the problem however is that such systems are designed to generate frustration so players will dump cash or huge amounts of in-game resources (built through continuous play) to bypass that frustration, and in Darktide’s case…such a bypass doesn’t actually exist, leaving players with random and inconsistent rewards for play time.

So we get a lot of frustration but no outlet for it, which undermines that business model. Just trying to squeeze out more play for continued exposure to the cosmetics store is an abysmal implementation of that model from both the developer’s and player’s side.

I’ve worked in F2P before, and they did most things right if they were going for that (minus the fast that paying players of a Western Demographic are usually onto it), except it’s not F2P, they didn’t actually allow for said bypass, and the cosmetic store didn’t have a lot of options, either. And, of course, even the best system would fail with a lack of content.
The very fact that the “inspect player” feature only got in 11 months later is a good indicator of that.
most “good” cosmetic-driven systems I’ve seen in recent years had a ramp-up of a year or two, focussing on an accessible experience and repeatable content, then adding payment opportunities as the content increased. F.Ex., instead of making it really hard to get the early on limited options, have the limited options be individually accessible, then add more options later, which would make it harder, but A) It’s more content, few players will complain, and B) it’s a lot easier to get at least something you want.

@FatsharkCatfish This person gets it from the current player perspective.

Just an obligatory plug to keep directing the leadership to comments like these to understand the sentiment better.

When the locks were adjusted many months ago, you (Catfish) noted that this was just a start / another step on the journey to improve crafting.

Can we please get some sort of communication from the development /design team about what’s planned for the future with regards to crafting? It doesn’t need to be fully exhaustive. But something would be great. Throw us a bone.


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