Crafting system homework (in other games)

So lets do a bit of homework and look at different crafting systems in popular ARPGs today
This is just a surface level exploration as each of those systems has a lot more depth than at a first glance.

Diablo 3

In Diablo 3, you get to replace 1 affix on your item (Primary or Secondary).
Every time you roll, you are given the choice between three options picked in a pool of mods.
The player can see the mods available to him.

In Diablo 3, items are the chase, but the limited mod pool makes the rarity of said item (Primal Ancient blablabla) the only real limit to gear chase.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile’s system is a very very complicated system with thousands of affixes, many different currencies.
Crafting is a combination of many different systems used to create some god tier items. Or fix a resistance line.
TLDR: very complex, very deep, in PoE, the items are the chase and only reason to keep playing.

Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, items have a crafting potential.
The player can improve, remove, transform, or add affixes. Every craft removes a random amount of crafting potential giving the item a finite craft life.
There are also chance based items that allow the player to extend the crafting streak.
Items have different rarities which affect what affix tier can spawn.
Affixes can be “stored” to be applied to other items.
This system allows great items to be created, and failures to be recycled.

Nioh 2

Nioh 2 has one of the most rewarding systems out there

Items have core affixes that cannot be changed, the other affix slots can be changed “freely”.

When doing so the player has access to 3 options(rolls), extra rolls with better odds can be acquired with crafting agents. Those extra rolls get increasingly more chances of rolling rare affixes.
Affixes have different rarities and cannot roll affixes of the same “family” (can’t have critical type affixes twice).

Inherited affixes is a type that can be moved to items that wouldn’t normally roll that type of affixe otherwise.
An inherited cannot be rolled normally. The only way to change an inherited, is to inherit from another item (destroying it in the process).

Another thing is that Nioh 2 lets the player Soul Match a weapon to increase it’s item level. Letting the player keep a item is has worked on if he finds a higher level item.

Nioh 2’s system creates a real item chase where getting a good base is primordial, but the player keeps full agency over that base. Another level of chase becomes perfecting gear through inheritances/extra affix items that are more powerful.

Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, the crafting is essentially a huge gambling system designed to drain resources.
Lets not go there




Meanwile 0 cost reroll goes BRRRRR

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There’s just one problem.
You are comparing games where you get better items by > P L A Y I N G < the game.
In DT you get better items by playing a slot machine with an artificial barrier of an hourly cycle (like a F2P mobile game)

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yeah fun clicking reroll for 15 minutes on an item that locks out of other perks, very player friendly, super consumer focused lmao


Really wish the devs would reply to at least one of these threads and explain the reasoning behind their asinine design choices for this game.

Even if the answer is (And well at know it is): “We were forced to get this game out before Christmas. A lot of what we had in the pipe-line was discarded, and we were forced to re-use systems from previous games, because we had no time to develop new systems.”

Instead, following in the footsteps of every single incompetent management that has ever spanned this vast planet, they’ve chosen to remain silent on EVERY glaring issue in the game, or, outright admitting that glitches are behaving “as intended.”

Would you care to actually keep your community informed, Fat Shark? Would you care to actually be honest with people, and garner some good will back that you’ve dashed against the rocks?


when i bought darktide i thought this was different in genre then an action rpg, that was one reason i bought it. then i noticed the excessive random “loot” thing in darktide. also i did not sign up for another looter shooter.
the excessive randomness involved in loot systems of many action rpgs is usually what i dislike.

Most ARPGs actually give you systems to alleviate the RNG…

This part.
Which even if subpar, is still necessary

i want to modify my stuff not roll roulette for it. have hadron take out my blessings to store them seperately for her to combine and put them in the weapons in the combination that i prefer.
would be cool if we could have modifier ratings increased with resources and dockets also, maybe even play around with sliders for the individual modifiers.

why not let the armoury exchange have a basic item of every type available and you can upgrade it and modify it with resources. i dont mind a grind at all, the random is just not worth my time.

if i eventually would end up spending 10k plasteel for my weapon to get it the way i want with the perks and blessings of hte level i want and the modifiers i’d be a happy reject enjoying the heretic killing and reclaiming atoma. items in games are just means to gameplay for me.


Nowadays in game I welcome any systemthat isn’t tied to rng…

It’s really down to design philosophy. I feel the same way. Less RNG is usually better.

For instance in a game with a chance to stun:
→ 25% chance on hit to stun
→ Every 4th attack will apply a stun

The latter is the better design, because it is reliable and will yield expected results every time. Meanwhile the 25% chance, if not pseudo-RNG, can be absolutely bonkers. Because every hit is independent of each other, you run into Gambler’s fallacy, where the user assumes since he had X hits with no stun or a stun, the opposite result must now commence. Yet, since every dice roll is a new dice roll, you could consistently get no stuns or way more than the norm.
You could technically go 10 hits without the stun. Or have 4 stuns in a row. Either of these will feel unfair to the player or his opponent.

But if my %chance to hit isn’t RNG, how can the designers clog the affix table with useless perks like +5% chance to stun ? :smiley: