CPU usage increased by an insane amount after the new Salt class release

After the new Saltzpyre paid for class was released for today, a lot of people myself included have noticed an increased usage of CPU processing power. Going from a 20% on an Intel Core i7 9700K normally to about 60 to 70%. The people I play with were reaching 90% at times. All set their settings to low performance and still suffered high CPU usage.

Yea it’s not just you, I’ve a friend who can now barely play VT2 after the update & a lot of people I play with have said they have a lower average framerate now, myself included.

Huh, whaddya know, here I though it was just my imagination. I’ve had experiences with frames plummeting during hordes, even though my system can usually run VT quite decently outside of the worst summer heats.

I’m monitoring the performance-related complaints we’re receiving. Thank you for your reports.

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