Cpu upgrade question

Im sorry if this is the wrong section to post under but I wanted advice on buying a new cpu. Does this game value core/ thread count or core clock more? Im trying to decide between an r7 1700x and a comperable intel cpu (price-wise).

It does like cores, the more cores the better the host (well more higher density of mobs) provided your internet.

Why not 2700X? If you are already spending that money you might as well add a little bit more an buy yourself a Ryzen 2.

If you’re hosting core count wins, otherwise core clock is probably better.

I actually just got a Ryzen 2600x myself and let me tell you it’s awesome in this game, got everything maxxed out and it runs great. Haven’t even messed with OC yet

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Out of curiosity, what gpu are you running?

GeForce 1050ti. It’s been rock solid for me, I also use it to power Oculus Rift and that runs flawlessly. IMO the 1050ti is the best you can get for the $, thanks to crypto mining all the higher tier card prices are just stupid.


I’m sooo glad I didn’t wait for prices to drop when the 1070 was released a few years back. :slight_smile:


I just love that because AMD finally pulled out their heads from their asses, CPU development got sped to a point that my i7-6700K is basically outdated… An i5-8600K is stronger (having 6 real cores), while it costs ~30% less than the i7 (in my country atleast) -_-

Tho people arent complaining when I’m the host so i guess this game does fine with 4 cores.

Make a choice based on what will be cheaper in your area. Do not forget that AMD processors are open for overclocking from the factory, but a suitable motherboard is needed for overclocking, while for Intel only “k” processors are open to increase the multiplier and a suitable motherboard.

Personally, I do not see any reason to buy the 1700x when the new 2700x came out. Out of the box, the improved frequency of turbo boost and more energy efficient technology.

I would choose according to the following criteria.

  1. What else do you do on the computer besides the games?

Any actions such as video editing, work in professional graphic editors, work in the autoCAD and other specialized programs induce the choice to a more multi-core processor - 1700x (2700x).

  1. Your knowledge of overclocking.

If you want to “insert and forget, do not touch anything” - opt for a “non-k” i7 processor. A higher frequency “out of the box”, which will allow not to overclock in applications that are demanding not to the number of cores, but to the performance per core. (Which of course can be solved by overclocking the 1700x / 2700x processor)

  1. The total cost of the processor, motherboard.
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