Could we get current lobby information in "View Game Info", please?

In Vermintide 1, for players with QoL mod, “View Game Info” showed the current map, number of players and lobby status (public/private).

This was extremely useful for joining games with Steam friends, since you could tell whether they were in a joinable game and whether it’s worth waiting for them, all without having to interrupt their game with messaging.

Could we get a similar feature for Vermintide 2, please?

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It seems that official mod support should be coming in a few weeks. We’ll have QoL stuff then, and they are unlikely to get rejected for official realm use. And heck, maybe we’ll get some of those things applied to the main game later on.

One year later. Doesn’t look like this is going to happen… Fatshark, please? :]

Unfortunatly I doubt that it’s possible to do this with a mod.

Actually it is possible… and I just wrote a mod that does that

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