*cough* Dave Bautista making a guest appearance?

Separated at birth? Or just copied…?


I would argue neither character is particularly original or distinct :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, but it does look like David Bautista doesn’t it? :slight_smile:
No getting away from that!

It was meant as a fun thread.

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It does, and yes, I got that :slight_smile:

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And I’d love my Ogryn to look like that; mean and purposeful, rather than the nosepicking lot we get to choose from!

Miguel does often use movies as inspiration for the faces. So quite possible, though not sure what law it break if any


nah, enough 1/6 unlicensed heads around with 80% likeness and just a tiny bit off to not get into trouble with that.

if it works for those thousands floating around with an actual price tag i´d rather be flattered if i was him.

i mean those arms put lee priest to shame.

  • I’ll edit the title. In no way did I really mean there could be a legal issue. I’ll go for a less political one.
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more like inspiration. artists use references all the time to help them design it. the effort the artist put into the weapons, enemy and environment makes up for any likeness in references.

That page is pretty impressive. Definitely a theme mind you: likes his fantasy bad-guys!
And I see Jason Isaacs there pretty predominantly too. You’re right. He’s borrowed faces a fair bit.

Eisenhorn Trilogy starring Jason Isaacs?


i want an ogryn cosmetic with inquisition bling now…

Ah. A tradition as old as time for RPGs:

Baldur’s Gate 2 (Zdenka Podkapova):

Neverwinter Nights (Angelina Jolie):

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