Coop Game!


Vermintide 2 is a cooperative game

if I remember correctly, there were a few more coop talents before patch 2.0


I suggest to add more coop talents/skills and improve already exsiting ones
footknight protective presence, Mercenary shout, kerillian shared heal regen, kerillian handmaiden uninterruptable revival are good examples

sienna could have a healing spell/tallent

all characters and all careers should have someting to help the group,
cooperation is key to survival and to keep gameplay fun, engaging and unpredictable
a good coop game is so fun and adictive

the lvl 35 talent should be unlocked and available for everyone, not for only those who have the dlc
I have WoM but if I play with a merc kruber that doesn’t have lvl 35 revive shout, it sucks,

I perosnally use it a lot

Anyway, I hope the devs understand what I mean

thnaks for reading

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It is.

It can be unlocked by everyone, but there’s no reason for it to be at level 35 instead of level 30. In fact, there’s no reason for those extra 5 levels to exist at all, unless it’s just a marketing stunt so they can put “increased level cap” in the WoM description (which actually is dishonest, because the increased level cap is part of 2.0, not part of WoM, but whatever…) When they raised the max hero power, they re-tuned the game around that new number, so it adds absolutely nothing to the game. Basically all it did is reduce the effective level of everyone’s characters, so that the entire player base had to re-level to get back to where they had already been for a year.

Why did anyone at Fatshark think this was a good idea?


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