Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

Stop telling other people how they should play their games. If they can afford playing 99% of legend runs with one eye on Netflix - they have every right to do so. And their favorite gaming experience is deteriorated by the fact they should stop watching TV to have a chance on one map in entire game.

Seriously, you dont see difference between asking for “i win button” and asking to nerf of one map that is 400x harder than others?

This is pretty common opinion that FBB nerf was too much. I’m sure Fatshark will address this. Like they did with other easier maps (Festering Grounds for example).
Still, for me it is better to have overnerfed map than overtuned one. This supports my playing habits more. You know, not everyone consider constant brutal challenges as an entertainment, which is the point of gaming after all. When i want challenge, i go and suffer on Cataclysm with new highly intellectual bots. But usually i prefer to farm Legend while “watching TV” and feel myself great hero, victorious most of time.


Well it’s a good thing that literally no one is asking for that then, isn’t it?

What a lovely bunch of hyperbolic ego-stoking strawmanning nonsense.

Well then, you seriously need to get your eyes fixed. CoD is much, much harder than every single other Helmgart map (and I would say almost every other map as well). The finale is ludicrous. Skittergate with full books is easier than CoD without any books, and that is beyond silly. Your post is little more than a drawn out, incomprehensible version of “git gud” without the charm.

Yes, because those are the only two options. Outrageously difficult when compared to its peers, or extremely easy. There is no point between those two where CoD’s finale could sit. :roll_eyes: FB’s finale was overnerfed, therefore no map should ever be balanced ever again. Impeccable logic. How about you make FB’s finale a bit harder, and CoD’s finale a bit less stupidly hard… wait for it… simultaneously! :astonished:

They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can properly balance both maps. Sheesh.


Players have the ability to change difficulty themselves though by just not grabbing tomes and grims.


Difficulty gap is so big that running without books is not enough. Many people who have troubles with this map are running it without books and still have small success rate, thats the problem.


True, but it’s still silly that there is such a discrepancy in difficulty between normal maps at the same difficulty level. Either make all maps harder to match Convo, or make Convo easier to match all other maps. (Or better yet: Combination of both!)

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And remember that the helmgart challenge linked to it is totally out of league right now.


Yeah it’s only one i’m missing, beside screaming bell’s which is still aknowledged as broken (but no fix)

Amusingly enough, the Legend version of the challenge is much easier to perform solo, since the bots aren’t actually involved in it. They can run around and do whatever. Provided you have the right builds for them and you know how to min-max an Iron Breaker as your character, it’s much, much easier this way than attempting to complete it with three other players. Cataclysm of course is pretty bonkers and in my opinion the hardest challenge in the game, currently. I would dare say it’s actually more difficult than Fortunes of War, assuming you have a competent team for both.

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The end event would instantly be much better if you did something about the excessive blinding effect.


And the excessive specials spawn or the excessive armored spawn (only one needs a nerf). And delaying some waves when the event don’t progress. Etc…

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