Controversial Opinions Thread

Greetings. This thread is where we can all share out controversial opinions in a safe space, free from judgement. Feel free to respond to each other, but no heated arguments please! This is just a fun thread. I’ll start.

As a Sienna “main”, I’ve never liked the Beam Staff, and I find it to be the most underwhelming of all Sienna staffs. It’s main benefit is the boss dps, but all of her other staffs (except for flameweave maybe) are still above average in that regard due to overcharge/venting. The beam doesn’t kill infantry very well, and “special sniping” can be done just as well with other staffs. I do enjoy the shotgun blast, but I would just as soon pick the other staffs for their crowd control/direct damage capabilities.

Please share your opinions below!




Every thread is controversial to someone.

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Sorry, debates are fine. I just meant no heated arguing, judging each other’s choices etc. Will edit that to make it more clear.

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Ah ok, I thought of one.

I didn’t buy Vermintide 2 based on promises because to me that is the same as pre-ordering. I looked at what features were available at the time and based solely on that I got it and have consistently enjoyed it since with any promised features implemented later being a bonus.

TLDR: Don’t buy a video game based on things that aren’t in the actual product yet and your stress levels will remain sodium-neutral.


Fatshark does great work that I really appreciate.


I don’t think there’s ever been a thread like this that wasn’t ultimately derailed and/or turned into a boiling wordfilterpit.

and that’s not a controversial opinion


The “ranged meta” doesn’t exist. I mainly play “melee focused” heroes and anyone complaining about being outperformed by “ranged meta” simply doesn’t know how to play melee heroes properly. Zealot, Merc, Slayer, HM and Shade are imho the strongest carreers currently in game.


i love this game. I just wish the painting in the keep could be fulled with something. Thats all.


I think the game would benefit greatly from a defend the keep mode. With never ending hordes and specials/elites and bosses.

Also wish fatshark would have large keeps, for 20-30 people. I guess they would be chat rooms, where we can show off our cosmetics and chat. Meet new people and form parties to que up.


Ew… meeting other people and chatting with them. Gross. I’d rather play with bots!


Imagine all heroes roaming around the keep except the one you are currently playing…obvious.
Triggering a dialogue after missions like with Olesya.
Also a neat feature would have been if the keep changes it appereance after finishing the missions (maybe also dependant on the difficulty level).
Freeing the slaves adds workers to the keep cleaning and repairing it. After Athel Yenlui the area around the Bridge of Shadows gains some elvish runes because it is empowered. After Fort Brachsenbrücke the keep gets some cannons and other defensive structures. And so on.

A man can dream.

And two more controversial thoughts I have:

  1. Scrounger should be a melee trait.
  2. Weapon damage shouldn’t be fix but have a margin. A random component you have to work with and soften up the breakpoints. Precise and fireweapons would have a far narrower damage range than wide cleave weapons or bows. This would also make weapons more distinct than just AP or not AP, wide swings or narrow arcs.

Historically women have enjoyed a level of privilege that makes their arguments for discrimination pale into insignificance when compared to the obscene protections and luxuries they have received . Women have been protected from national, local and global conflicts purely based upon their gender, they have been kept in food,warmth,clothing and luxuries items provided by someone else who has to work for approximately fifty years of their life to enable to woman to enjoy these things. They have been exempt from dangerous, physical and demanding work based upon their gender.

A mans life is less valuable than a womans life, and to be given a such a high level of protection from harm simply based upon gender is a disgusting in the modern world.

Therefore to claim women have been discriminated against because they weren’t allowed to vote, or weren’t allowed to do kung fu or couldn’t become CEO of an large business is grossly insulting for the men who had no choice but to die in some of the bloodiest conflicts in human history purely because they were born male.


I pick weapon not by its efficiency but the way it feels while I’m using it. That’s why I hate halberd and beam staff - they feel fu*king terrible.


Sorry, I even laughed at that because I replaced ‘women’ with ‘elfs’ and ‘men’ with ‘dwarfs’.

Elf and dwarf are genders now.


I don’t like the Halberd. I recognize its power, and it’s too strong in my opinion. But that’s not the reason. I find block-canceling annoying and boring, I think that if a weapon, when used well, doesn’t use over half of its moveset it’s badly designed, made worse that the Heavy Attacks don’t have a use at all, I think the push-attack combo is hilariously strong… I have similar complaints about several other weapons (Spear, Glaive, Hammer/Mace…), but none other combines them all to one.

Less relevant to the game (but still somewhat relevant to the forums; see a few posts above), I find (internet) memes to be a repetitive, boring and unimaginative form of “humor”. Yeah, heresy, I know.

I have some others, but for various reasons (including them not being relevant to basically anything here) I won’t state them.

Oh, yeah, I do have another relevant one: For balancing a game, both buffs and nerfs are needed. If balance is completely all over, it’s hard to know what the intended balance point is, and stuff needs to get closer to that for informed guesses. More often, though, it’s mostly there, but some things overperform, and others underperform. At that point, it’s useful to assume the intended balance point is somewhere in the middle, and both extremes can (and should) be adjusted accordingly. If things are only nerfed, it causes disappointment and outcry, and while sometimes things are meant to be hard, it may make things too hard. Only buffing the weaker stuff avoids (most of) the outcry, but introduces strong power creep, either making the game too easy or requiring other adjustments. Besides, it’s easier to tweak 10% of stuff in one direction and another 10% to the other than to tweak 90% of stuff in one way or the other.


What if Fatshark just did some hard career/weapon balancing but only on a beta branch to see how the playerbase reacts?
As an alternative to really weak changes and still everyone losing his mind.

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