Contracts: Suggestions with a side of wishful thinking

Let’s preface this post by stating two things:

  • Firstly, it is written with an assumption that Fatshark is going to do the reasonable thing (hah) and combine currency resources pools of all characters on the account. Possibility of combined inventories is also considered.
  • Secondly, contract objective amounts and reward values are examples only. I am not going to attempt to balance them with the existing economy. As such take them with however great serving of table salt you prefer.

With that out of the way, let’s begin. Contracts right now feel a little bit like a mix of absolute basic and stopgap measures. I severely hope this feature is going to be expanded upon and overall fixed, so I’d like to bring a few suggestions to the table:

One contract pool for all characters

Tired of getting contracts that would be much easier to do on another class? Not looking forward to playing that particular character, but feel forced to, because they still got contracts to do? The solution is here! Sire Melk will now supply a singular list of contracts for the entire account, no matter how many characters there might be or which one is currently crusading.

“But wait!” you say, “Current contracts give way not enough marks to buy anything decent already, we’re not gonna be able to afford anything now!” Well the solution is also here in the form of…

Tiered contracts

We already have tiered penances, which require you to achieve X, and then more X, and then even more X… Let’s apply that logic to contracts! When a weekly contract is assigned, it is now divided into three tiers. To use the infamous grimoire example, you will get a contract to collect 5 grimoires, then 10 grimoires, and finally 15. Or perhaps it can be 5, then 12, then 20. Doesn’t matter what the specifics are, you get the gist of it.

Each such completed tiers will do two things:

  • Firstly, you will be granted an increasingly greater reward of marks for each completed tier.
  • Secondly, you will be granted progress towards the tiered grand completion reward (which currently is awarded all at once for completing all five weekly contracts).

Tiered grand reward

Due to weekly contracts being condensed into a single source rather than each character being able to get their 1k marks a week, Sire Melk will apply the tiered system to his grand reward as well. And each tier is ever so more enticing than the previous one!

Each of the weekly contracts has three stages. That’s fifteen total. Sire Melk requires you to complete five stages to unlock each tier of the grand reward. Does not matter which stages or from which contracts.

  • You have completed all three stages of finding missing scriptures and two stages of finding grimoires (why would you focus on that of all things you poor sod)? Fantastic, that’s five stages total. The first tier of the grand reward is yours.
  • You have instead completed the first stage of each contract and nothing more? Fantastic, that’s five stages total. The first tier of the grand reward is yet again yours.

Second stage of the grand reward takes a combined ten tiers of weekly contracts completed and the final stage takes all fifteen. As the weekly contracts are supposed to be more difficult the further up their stages you go, I do not see a reason to have an increasing amount of stages required for the grand reward. 5-10-15 is fine. It gets more difficult on its own.

Resetting / changing a contract after a stage or two have been completed will not cancel that progress towards the grand reward, however you will not get any new progress by completing the stages (1st or 2nd) that were previously completed. At best you might be compensated the difference in marks if the new contract has higher rewards per tier.

Who gets the purchased guns?

Ideally the inventories would be united and multiclass weapons would be usable by anyone and everyone (possibly scaled down in their rating for lower level characters), but in case that is not the case: whoever you buy the equipment as, gets the stuff. Simple.

Pointing out an obvious small QoL

Even if at this point it is by virtue of how things would work, rerolling a contract now guarantees it to be something actually different. One literally cannot roll a different number of “do the same thing anyway”, because there are no such duplicates anymore.

Provision for contract unlock at level 11

I feel it might be necessary to point this out. Characters only get access to contracts when they hit level 11, therefore it might be necessary to stipulate that e.g. characters under level 11 do not earn progress towards contracts. They would not be able to interact with Sire Melk and check any progress after all.

Daily contracts

A simple concept, already mentioned on the forums at least once, probably more than that. Let’s have some even simpler tasks available on “short notice” to earn those few extra coins and encourage general activity in the game.

Contract variety

While introducing weeklies that are a bit too specific will not necessarily be a good thing (I am looking at you, penances), there definitely is a wide array of possibilities out there. Some types of contracts could even be unlocked by having a specific class available at level 11 or higher, e.g. kills with force weapons, knocking down a small nation’s worth of enemies, headshotting an agri world’s population’s worth of heretics, etc.

Current contracts are largely rudimentary, but they are largely doing the job. What we need is some spice to go with that.

Final thoughts
While just about every bone in my body tells me that about none of this is gonna see the light of day, let us at least hope that the general situation with contracts (and game in general) will improve as time goes on. Here’s hoping~


I like the idea of shared, tiered contracts. I believe VT2 had shared contracts, because I specifically remember a daily or weekly mission to play as victor, and I never wanted to.

Shared inventory, I’m not sure I need, or want. It made gearing a low lvl character in verminetide too easy.

Shared currency, or at least the contract and crafting currency, I would also like to see. Being able to farm materials on a low level character for a high level one in vermintide was a nice QoL thing. It would also mean I wouldn’t have to play a specific character to earn contract credit for another.

As you said,may never see the light of day, but good idea.

I like everything except increasing rewards and a grand reward. Not everyone has the time to finish all the contracts and I don’t think they should be penalized. I think you should potentially be able to complete them an unlimited number of times for the same reward, it’s just the threshold to complete it rises each time it’s completed. Say maybe by 50% of the original amount and the original amount could be quite easy. 8/12/16/20/24 missions, 4/6/8/10/12 grimoires, 2/3/4/5/6 secondaries on X map, etc. Get rid of the huge completion bonus, it feels worse not completing than it feels good completing. If this were implemented, I think kill contracts should be gone or apply to everyone in the group or else that will get toxic very quick.