Contracts should be Bounties

Contracts don’t feel right to me. They start on Sunday not when you actually started them. You can pay for a new one, but it’s random and still starts from the previous Sunday. Plus, there’s a limit to how many you can do each week, so people with more time are capped, and you only have a week to complete them, causing those with less time to lose progress. It just doesn’t feel right.

Instead, I suggest having Bounties on a public Bounty Board. For example, the board could have ten types of bounties, such as killing Scabs with ranged weapons, killing monsters, and collecting books. Each bounty would have a fixed number to complete, and they would be repeatable, such as 50 coins for every 100 Scabs killed with range, 75 coins per book, and 100 coins per monster killed.

Bounties could offer various rewards, such as Plasteel or Diamantine, and could advance the game’s narrative. For instance, the plot may call for additional intel to be gathered so the bounty for books could increase or new enemies could be added so there could be a bounty on Plaguebearers. Or a new macguffin could be added.

There shouldn’t be a cap on the number of coins a player can earn per time period, but if FS really wants one, it could be relatively high like 10k coins per character per week or some other kind of diminishing returns. All bounties would be available to all players, and new bounties could be added or removed as needed.

How contracts work in Darktide and Vermintide 2 was always the laziest possible justification for farming resources. It’s a wasted opportunity to add something fun to the game.