Constantly Crashing

console-2018-09-26-02.39.11-EA14C140-B15E-48AA-920A-712E.log (43.3 KB)
console-2018-09-26-02.13.38-8A6B8449-A9EC-4EAB-BBFB-15DE.log (83.5 KB)
console-2018-09-26-02.51.46-1C7C55AC-96A1-4F45-A953-B918.log (64.1 KB)
console-2018-09-26-02.20.32-3C7652F1-C1BA-4BA9-85C5-52D7.log (75.7 KB)
console-2018-09-26-02.21.46-41313454-2915-4CF7-A98F-0CE4.log (80.2 KB)
console-2018-09-26-02.40.21-E65B0615-CE89-4065-84EB-37AD.log (192.1 KB)
console-2018-09-26-02.24.51-7DD7407D-7211-490D-ABCB-D7FA.log (224.1 KB)
My game has consistently crashed every time and I don’t know why.

If you get a pop up with crash information you can copy to the clip board, please do share those copy/pastes here so we can look in to the crash logs.

console-2018-09-26-17.13.36-4983B68B-5825-49CD-B157-82CE.log (32.1 KB)

GUID: 67eb641c-f122-4b91-9d3e-a8add37a35b6
Log File:
Info Type:

^That’s a recent crash that I had. This time the game didn’t even fully boot before it crashed.

Aight, seems odd. The logs are cut off as well. Could you try dropping the thread count in the launcher’s game settings to 6 and try again?

Now I’m just getting a sign-in error right after the loading screen freezes for like 30 seconds.

Are you running any firewalls or antivirus which could be blocking the connection to our services?

My firewall is disabled, even the windows defender firewall, and I uninstalled malwarebytes. Same issues.

I actually managed to get into the game by flushing my dns as suggested by this thread: Sing-in error

I don’t know if the mid-game crashes will persist but I will try.

After everything, the game is running pretty stable. At least stable enough for me to play a decent amount games before crashing sometimes. Thanks for all the help.

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