Constant nerfs/buffs

Sometimes I really miss the old multiplayer shooters: Doom, Quake, Blood, Unreal Tournament, UT2004 etc.

It was a simpler time when things didn’t have to be buffed/nerfed constantly and there was no “crafting” system to annoy you alongside the constant changes.

You just spent every weekend and time after school or during computer class, telefragging (that was a long time ago) your friends at spawn, use a minigun to turn them into a pin cushion and blew them up with a rocket launcher over and over until they threw their keyboard into a wall.

A simpler time… without systems and prestige levels and the word “balance”.

Any other boomers in here?


Don’t forget the ability to play locally offline with friends or even host your own servers. Making your own maps and content… we had incomparable freedom kek

Then again if it were for some of these publishers and studio bosses, we’d pay them by the hour.
I’m looking at you TakeTwo. So it can always be even worse I guess…

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That was a plebeian’s choice. Royalty would face you with your weapon drawn and still manage to gib you despite all your jumping and dodging.
Good times :heart_eyes:

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Toob! Hahaha

Ah, Doom, MoHAA, CS 1.6, Diablo 2. Those were the days…

I’m sad now.

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