Connection issues over the last month

Didn’t use to have any issues playing Vermintide 2 online with friends.
Now lately, I get huge lag spikes, and I get dropped from games.

It can work fine for entire sessions. or be completely unplayable. It can work for an hour, then become unplayable the next moment.

I’ve opened the recommended ports for port forwarding. I’ve enabled small packet mode in the network settings. I’ve set my DNS to Cloudflare.

I’ve white-listed the program in any relevant firewalls and AV settings.

Still the problem persists.

Is it a problem with the host I’m joining at this point? Could ports be closed on their side that could cause this?

I’ve played this game for hundreds of hours. My ISP hasn’t changed. And this has now only recently become a problem.


Player ID:
[Steam ID: dontcare1985

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Variable over the last month.

Reproduction Rate:


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