Conglomeration of oddities

I have collected a few screenshots along the way of BBB which I will share here, since I don’t have enough info on each individual case. Also I don’t know if those are V2 or BBB specific, but I encountered them all on BBB.

A boss spawned behind the breakable wall, but couldn’t get out. We passed it several times clueless until I decided to take my chances against a brick wall.

Boss floating on one of the Drachenfels maps, near the bridge. Might’ve been a weird interaction with Valiant Charge/knockback off the platform you drop off from. I don’t remember if he got down from there, but for a good minute or two he was able to freely walk and fruitlessly attack on a higher plane of existence.

Specials spawn on the escape island sometimes, which is awkward as is, but occasionally they just spawn above water, seemingly where the eventualy shipbridge would be?

Skittergate, the area near the first lever, where you drop down to Skittergate proper. I didn’t screenshot it properly and will update this if it persist, but me and the other player could see a literal hole in the level where you drop down under the level, inescapable. It was right after the dropdown to that small chunk with the lever, looked organic, surprisingly, but it was like a massive rock was missing with a hole in it’s place.

Bonus oddity:
No screenshot. Athel Yelnui, the first dropdown to the cavern where you either see a patrol or a Boss, a Ratogre spawned right in the middle of the cavern (straight pathway after the oil barrel). I don’t know if it’s the usual jank, but staggering it with Valiant Charge while it was in it’s preparation for the leap seemed to literally bury it in the ground, killing it instantly. Don’t know how reproducable that is.
I don’t remember if I ran new Trample, but with it you can double stagger bosses - the impact on collission and then, since Bosses don’t stop Charge, impact from stopping the Charge, so that might have had an effect.


Since I encountered it again on BBB, more precise screenshots on the Rasknitt’s secret cellar.

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