Comm-Link Delay

I don’t want to be overly salty, but with this ‘content reveal’ they made, I can’t help myself. This is the result of the six months of continuous support of the game which is supposed to be a live service game:

A steady decline is what it is. Something to be proud of.

I love the game. But I’m at the point where I barely play it. The last couple of weeks, I didn’t even manage to complete the weeklies. I spent more time discussing the game in Discord than actually playing it. I hoped that the delayed comm link will have something more substantial, something that’ll get me hyped. But I guess it’s time to take a break and play some other game.


This must be trolling at this point.


I am still waiting for someone to actually post a source for that, because the closet i have ever got was a Dev saying the Story would be added on in an almost live service type of deal.

But this is yet another one of those things where the lack of actual clear communication and owning up to the expectations, justly or not, would go a long way towards restoring confidence and trust. But instead one has to hunt across several social medias for screen crabs from Discord or other areas where someone might have said something.

All this cloak and dagger nonsense of managing expectations is one of the biggest issues.

But hey… we are the Rejects. I am starting to get why we are called this way…

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I don’t know whether or not there is live service game-talk anyplace else, but your quote below is my main takeaway from the situation.

Not a word since… What do you people actually do? @FatsharkCatfish

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