Collision detection on enemies please

As the title says: I’ve been downed by a rager after a poxwalker walks through them and eats my rev’d chainaxe once too often to stay silent about this. Other situations are plaguehounds pounced through a horde and an especially memorable one where two bulwarks spawned together and one walked through his twin-and me-to trap me in a narrow corridor. It would also be a minor nerf to Veteran’s ‘Camo’ perk, as enemies ignoring you wouldn’t just walk right through you, but quite literally bump into you (and then hopefully aggro).

I appreciate it helps reduce the workload on computers to improve performance if collision detection is ignored for so many enemies, but even ignoring the aesthetics of a smasher or bulwark sending poxwalkers and scabs flying as they lumber towards you, or a channel being made as a poxhound comes though, it’s just really frustrating having specials be so ethereal.