Cog gun missing like handgun use to

The cog gun seems to be missing random shots in secondary fire mode.
Usually the first shot of the six but not always. Even when standing pressed up against a downed troll firing into the centre of the troll shots miss. this is an XBOX GLITCH, no idea if pc has had this issue, the gun is basically at this point rigged in such a way as to make the “targeting array” challenge based on luck (as in will it randomly miss what should be a guaranteed hit) rather than skill. Paying for characters that are bugged is insulting to say the least.

Cog hammer seems to be having issues as well, inconsistent arc/range on hit box. Will occasionally swing straight through enemies both the charged attack and light attack, doing no damage, no stagger. Will occasionally damage enemies but have zero stagger, including slaves/clan level enemies who proceed to cause you un defendable damage. Sometimes blocking is late, even as host, will block well ahead of an attack, still take damage, this causes parrying to not work.

Side note, the overhead Charged attack being single target only, with bardin being so short makes attacking against berserkers or maulers in hordes a bit more of a chore than may have been intended.

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