Clumsy gender neutral presentation

There are places within the mission descriptions that are written poorly and include gender neutral pronouns, for example “them” used in that sense. It is generally preferable to avoid using gender pronouns, including gender neutral ones, if you wish to avoid problems with gender and language. It is not hard to do, especially in one or two sentence descriptions. If you wanna hire me I am available :smiley:



Yeah I’m gonna go with troll bait, don’t feed the trolls.


Not al all, just trying to help em out. There are people that will complain about it, and it is easy and quick to fix, just some text files most likely. Is this the wrong place to post feedback? My first post.


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My misunderstanding, I did not consider it a bug. More of a stylistic or design thing than a software bug.

So you say we should be considering the inconsiderates. Strange life…
Frankly I both agree and disagree with you. If writing can be improved then it should, but then again considering the feelings of hatefull people is unproductive.

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there is now a problem with the english word for multiple people ? i dont understand.

this is 40k, there are people who are 90% metal, with no determinate gender.


I think this is because fatshark is a swedish studio, and swedish language has a term “hen” which is a gender neutral term to describe a person and roughly translated to they/them. Writer is probably not a native english speaker and was writing english as a swedish speaker.

And before anyone loses their temper because of current day identity politics, the term has existed from the beginning of the language, finnish has one as well.

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English people (I’m UK, 34) have been using ‘them/they/their’ to refer to a singular person without specifying their gender for a very, very long time. Look it up. It is commonplace and normal.

Before anyone jumps on making this political - it is not. It is simply when you do not specify gender, for any number of reasons, ideosyncratic or otherwise.


  • “I heard a rumour somebody stole a car from around here earlier, apparently it took the police a long time to catch them.”

  • “My source must remain anonymous, but I assure you their information is trustworthy.”

  • “Hear what the boss just said? They hate it when you’re late.”

This has nothing to do with Fatshark being Swedish or any other contrived thing anyone will tell you. It is simple, casual English that happens all the time, daily.


I agree with your sentiment, but they don’t want to end up cutting out potential audience/customer. The inconsiderates still have money and won’t necessarily be annoying in game.

With all the different languages that mixed to form modern English, it is too bad it did not absorb the Scandinavian pronouns.

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And I do understand what you are saying. The money argument is valid, but my heart cries.

Though, I have a huge personal gain from chipping in and talking to you today: I have just learned about Skandinavian pronouns (are you talking about 3rd person gender neutral, indefinite, common, reflexive etc.?) and I’ll research it! It’s very inspiring!